Business Areas


Contract Management Services is core of the company and dealing into provide solutions to industries, entrepreneurship and SME’s, our Area of Expertise are:

  • Marketing & Branding Solutions

The company size whether is small, growing or big requires audience to understand them and the products, which needs a lot sincere efforts for which generally executives used to be hired and many often it become over head for small budget and starting companies.. We have solutions for this

  • Logistics & Transport Solutions

Storage, Repacking, Labeling, Inventory , Inter & Intra circle Deliveries , FCL, LCL’s, Part or parcels and what ever mode of Transport may be your choice of, Road, Rail, Airways , Moreover important is viability and post competitive, that is what we provide through our reliable sources through registered truckers and agents

  • Web Applications & Internet Presence

Technology and modernization of your intelligence to reach out at every individuals is future and here we support you by developing web applications , websites for your company at almost every platform with

  • Liaising & Consultancy

Most awesome feature of our services is to assist you and to act for your company for all necessities that may be from identifying resources for your supplies, procurement’s, machinery ,Getting solves documentations with government departments ,preparation and delivering projects including Financial services

  • Men Power Supply

The role of our recruitment consultancy is to act as an intermediary, identifying and sourcing suitably qualified skilled and unskilled both type of candidates on behalf of its clients. Candidates are recruited either for permanent or contract positions (typically for a fixed term) or on a temporary basis.

  • Hospitality & Event Management Solutions

We love to cater hospitality services that includes from organizing a business conference to get together parties and we are expert into wordlessly